Greencare Fertilizer

Greencare is the company that first invented a water soluble fertilizer that contains all 12 nutrient elements that you need for a plants complete life cycle. Greencare fertilizer delivers the specialty formulations needed for each stage of plant growth: seed sprouting, green top growth, flower bud for fruiting, and ripening for harvest quality.

There are no hormones or fillers in Greencare fertilizers. This means that 100% of the elements in the fertilizer are used for the stages of plant growth from seed sprout to harvest.

Ionic State
Whether fertilizer is organic, chemical or biological in origin, plants can only use nutrient elements in the ionic form. Greencare’s ability to dissolve completely presents it to the plant in ionic form, so it’s absorbed quickly.

Some fertilizer nutrients cause chemical reactions that are harmful to plants and destroy soil chemistries. Greencare has been proven to grow crops of the highest quality in the shortest period of time. This ensures the best return on your investment.

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